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The Right HVAC Unit for Your Home

A couple of months ago, the HVAC unit in my home started malfunctioning. The temperature inside my home soared to over eighty degrees Fahrenheit, even though my air conditioning system ran nonstop. After inspecting my air conditioning unit, my knowledgeable HVAC contractor recommended I purchase a new system. He discussed the pros and cons of installing different sizes of HVAC units with me. After considering my HVAC contractor’s advice, I decided to purchase a three and a half ton HVAC unit. Shortly after my HVAC contractor installed my new air conditioning unit, my house started feeling more comfortable. On this blog, I hope you will discover how an HVAC contractor can help you select the right air conditioning unit for your home. Enjoy!


The Right HVAC Unit for Your Home

Signs That You Need Urgent AC Repair

by Jamie Shaw

If you are lucky enough to have a central air conditioning system, you will want to do everything you can in order to keep it in good working order. After all, the idea of going back to a life where you did not have central air conditioning can be dreadful. Spend a little time scanning the upcoming signs that you are in need of AC repair work. The sooner you are able to get an HVAC professional into your home to address the central AC problems, the better.

The Central Air Won't Turn Off

There is a major issue taking place if you go to turn off the AC at the thermostat and it does not turn off. You will want to first change out the batteries in your thermostat. While the thermostats themselves can last for many years, you might have to replace the batteries every so often. If you do that and the AC unit will not turn off, you will then need to turn it off at the breaker box. Because of the amount of power your HVAC system requires, it should be the only thing hooked up to that particular breaker. This means you will not have to worry about turning off other parts of the house when you go to turn off the AC unit.

The System Is Making Loud Banging Noises

There is a chance that a failing part within the HVAC system, such as the blower motor, can cause a lot of loud noises. It is usually a very startling and frightful sound for homeowners to hear, especially if they are not aware of what the issue is. In such cases, it is going to be best for you to call an emergency HVAC repair company. You may want to turn off the central air conditioning unit until the professionals arrive and fix the problem.

While you do not want to wait too long to arrange for your central air conditioning to be replaced, you do not want to simply hire the first contractor or company that you come across. Start making the calls right away so you can give yourself an opportunity to consult with a few different professionals. This will help to ensure that the problem you are experiencing is easily explained in the same manner as all of the other HVAC contractors. You may also be interested in comparing their price estimates if you need to work within a budget.

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