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The Right HVAC Unit for Your Home

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The Right HVAC Unit for Your Home

3 Signs Your Furnace Has A Blower System Fault

by Jamie Shaw

Your furnace's blower system circulates air through your home's vents. While blower motors and their parts can last as long as your furnace, they can still get damaged or develop faults that affect the way your system works.

How can you tell if you need a blower system repair?

1. Your Motor Cycles On and Off

Your blower motor should circulate air when your heating or cooling system runs. If you notice that it is cycling on and off irregularly, then your system might have a problem.

For example, your motor might run OK and then suddenly stop working for a while before starting again. You might also smell a burning odor from your vents.

This can be a sign of overheating. If your motor or one of its parts, such as its limit switch or capacitor, gets too hot, then your system might shut itself down as a safety measure. It might restart when the problem part cools down.

This on/off cycling can be a sign of a damaged part. However, it also happens if this part of your system contains an excessive amount of dust or dirt. These materials reduce the flow of air which should keep parts cool.

2. You Have Changes to Airflow

Sometimes, your blower system starts to break down but still pushes air through your vents. However, you will notice a dip in performance.

For example, you might still have some warmed or cooled air coming into your home; however, the flow of air you get is a lot weaker than usual. Your blower motor or some of its parts might have a blockage. Or, the motor itself might be failing.

If you don't get any air through your vents, then you have a more serious problem. Your blower motor might have stopped working completely, at which point it might need to be replaced. However, you need an expert opinion here, as this problem can also be down to a faulty thermostat or fan.

3. You Hear Unusual Sounds

If your blower system has a fault, then you might hear some noises from your furnace that you haven't heard before. Common noises here include sharp screeching, rumbling grinding, or loud knocking or banging.

These noises can have different causes. For example, your blower system might simply need lubrication. If it is too dry, then its parts rub together and make a noise.

However, these noises are often a sign of a faulty or broken part. If you hear screeching or grinding sounds, then your system's bearings or belts might be misaligned or broken. Knocking or banging noises are more worrying. They can happen when your motor is about to break.

To find out exactly what is wrong with your blower system and to get it fixed, contact furnace repair professionals in your area.