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The Right HVAC Unit for Your Home

A couple of months ago, the HVAC unit in my home started malfunctioning. The temperature inside my home soared to over eighty degrees Fahrenheit, even though my air conditioning system ran nonstop. After inspecting my air conditioning unit, my knowledgeable HVAC contractor recommended I purchase a new system. He discussed the pros and cons of installing different sizes of HVAC units with me. After considering my HVAC contractor’s advice, I decided to purchase a three and a half ton HVAC unit. Shortly after my HVAC contractor installed my new air conditioning unit, my house started feeling more comfortable. On this blog, I hope you will discover how an HVAC contractor can help you select the right air conditioning unit for your home. Enjoy!


The Right HVAC Unit for Your Home

Repairing The Problems Your AC Is Experiencing

by Jamie Shaw

There are a number of problems that your air conditioning system can experience that will likely require professional contractors in order to repair.

Blower Replacement Or Repairs

The blower is the part of the AC system that will have the responsibility of distributing the cool air throughout the house. As a result, any problems with the blower can result in the AC system losing much of its cooling ability. Depending on the extent of the damage to the blower, replacing it might be necessary in order to restore the performance of the cooling system. Often, problems with the blower will start with the unit making loud noises when it is running. If these noises start to occur, the blower should be repaired as quickly as possible to limit the need for it to be replaced.

Coil Leaks

The refrigerant for the AC system will have to circulate through a series of coils to release the heat that it has absorbed. A leak in the coil system can significantly degrade the cooling effectiveness of the unit, as it will have less refrigerant for absorbing heat from the air. Finding the source of the coil leak can be a challenge, as these leaks may be extremely small and in areas that you can not easily see. A professional AC repair service will be able to pressurize the system, which can help to make the source of these leaks more visible. Once the leak has been found, it may be possible to patch it so that the leak will stop. Unfortunately, ruptured coils or cracks that extend across much of the coil's exterior may not always be repairable. In these citations, a new coil system for the AC unit will have to be installed.

Electrical Faults

Electrical faults with the AC system can be among the most common issues that these systems can experience. Unfortunately, problems with the electrical system will be dangerous for a person to repair on their own. You can help to protect your system against these expensive damages and repairs by installing a surge suppressor for the AC system. This will be able to intercept the powerful surges before they can reach the sensitive electrical components where damage can occur. Depending on the electrical surge suppressor that you have chosen, it may only be capable of withstanding a single surge. These suppressors will need to be periodically checked so you can verify that they are still offering effective protection to your AC system.

For more information about AC repair, contact a local contractor.