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The Right HVAC Unit for Your Home

A couple of months ago, the HVAC unit in my home started malfunctioning. The temperature inside my home soared to over eighty degrees Fahrenheit, even though my air conditioning system ran nonstop. After inspecting my air conditioning unit, my knowledgeable HVAC contractor recommended I purchase a new system. He discussed the pros and cons of installing different sizes of HVAC units with me. After considering my HVAC contractor’s advice, I decided to purchase a three and a half ton HVAC unit. Shortly after my HVAC contractor installed my new air conditioning unit, my house started feeling more comfortable. On this blog, I hope you will discover how an HVAC contractor can help you select the right air conditioning unit for your home. Enjoy!


The Right HVAC Unit for Your Home

Air Conditioning Tips For Homeowners

by Jamie Shaw

Using a central air conditioning system may be the most effective way of keeping your entire home interior cool and comfortable when the sweltering heat and intense sunlight of the summer months arrive. While the air conditioning system may be a device that you rely on to keep your home comfortable, there are several ways that homeowners may be neglecting or otherwise compromising the performance of these systems.

Attach A Suitable Surge Suppressor To The Exterior Unit

An electrical surge can be a major problem for the exterior unit. These units will require large amounts of power to function, but an uncontrolled surge of electricity can be immensely damaging to these units due to the electricity's ability to melt wiring, circuit boards, and other electrical components. Protecting these large units against these surges will require the installation of a specially designed surge suppression system. These systems are able to detect the surge of power and immediately direct it into the ground where it can be harmlessly dissipated.

Avoid Using The System If You Notice Unusual Sounds Or Other Performance Issues

Over the years that you own your air conditioner, it might eventually start to suffer mechanical problems that can manifest in unusual ways. For example, these issues could cause the system to frequently ice over while in operation or they may cause the unit to produce strange noises. Whenever these systems start to show these signs, you should immediately stop using the system until you are able to have it professionally serviced and inspected by an air conditioning service. Otherwise, you could inadvertently cause the system to suffer extensive damage that would require you to replace the entire system to correct.

Inspect The System On A Frequent Basis

Regularly inspecting the unit can be an essential form of care for these systems. When a person goes for long periods of time without closely inspecting the exterior unit, this can give minor issues the time needed to become severe enough to lead to compromised performance. For example, these inspections will allow you to determine whether the drain for the exterior unit is clogged. If the drain is clogged, it could lead to major damage to the system by allowing the unit to flood due to condensation or rain. By inspecting the exterior unit every few weeks, you can be more likely to find these problems so that you can schedule the needed repairs. When performing these inspections, you may want to turn off the power to the unit to minimize the risk of being shocked or otherwise injured during this process.