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The Right HVAC Unit for Your Home

A couple of months ago, the HVAC unit in my home started malfunctioning. The temperature inside my home soared to over eighty degrees Fahrenheit, even though my air conditioning system ran nonstop. After inspecting my air conditioning unit, my knowledgeable HVAC contractor recommended I purchase a new system. He discussed the pros and cons of installing different sizes of HVAC units with me. After considering my HVAC contractor’s advice, I decided to purchase a three and a half ton HVAC unit. Shortly after my HVAC contractor installed my new air conditioning unit, my house started feeling more comfortable. On this blog, I hope you will discover how an HVAC contractor can help you select the right air conditioning unit for your home. Enjoy!


The Right HVAC Unit for Your Home

Boiler Systems 101: A Basic Guide For Homeowners

by Jamie Shaw

If you have only ever dealt with a wood heat system or an electrical HVAC unit, the idea of using a boiler system to heat your home can sound a little intimidating. However, there are good reasons why this older form of home heating is still in use in a lot of homes today: efficiency. Even though a boiler system operates differently, differently doesn't have to mean bad or scary. Boiler systems are actually quite efficient and offer a handful of homeowner advantages. To help you get a better understanding of boiler systems and how they work, take a look at these common questions and answers. 

How does a boiler system work?

Boiler systems for residential home use operate by using heated water, or sometimes steam, to provide heat throughout the home. There is a main unit usually located in a basement or cellar, but it can also be situated in a central location inside the house or even in the attic if space permits. Water is heated in a holding tank by either gas or electric, and that heated water (or steam) is used to heat the home through various lines and radiators that are situated throughout the home. 

Do all boiler systems include radiators in every room?

Radiators have a bad reputation, but this is mainly because most people associate radiators with the old systems that were dinosaur-huge structures that had to be situated in every room and were hot to the touch. Radiators used in conjunction with boiler systems are far more efficient and safe today as well as attractive enough not to be an eyesore in the room. There are low-profile radiators that you can implement that are hardly noticeable. Plus, some modern boiler systems rely on small radiant lines beneath flooring or in the walls to distribute heat. 

Why are boiler systems considered so efficient?

There are a few reasons why boiler systems are still considered to be some of the most efficient home heating systems available. One reason is the fact that boiler systems rely on heated water or steam instead of forced air, which can use up a lot of power through the year to provide heat to your home. The second reason boiler systems are usually hailed as efficient is the fact that they pull double duty as a home hot water heater as well. 

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